Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outlook Rules Issues and mfcmapi tool

Common Issues with Rules:

1. Rules are lost from Outlook
Resolution: Follow the mfcmapi steps to check if rules show up via mfcmapi

2. Meeting notifications are not getting updated on user’s calendar. Notification rule is set to deliver notification to a particular folder.Delete Outlook Rules table via mfcmapi

Resolution: Export all the rules, Upgrade the old rules, Reopened outlook and calendar items should start getting updated.

3. Rules causing duplication of Emails

No Resolution. Reasons can be varied.
Duplicate messages when using Organize combined with forward rule "on this machine only”


Deselect all organize rules


remove the setting "on this machine only"


add to the rule

"stop processing more rule" to the rule

4. Can not create more rules because rules file size has increased
Resolution: Rules file size is 32-KB in Exchange 2003 and 64-KB in Exchange 2007. Delete old ones to create new rules.

Create a new Online Profile and select this profile when using MFCMAPI. O yes not to forget that you need to download mfcmapi tool from

 On the Session menu, click Logon and Display Store Table.

If you are prompted to select a profile, click the profile name in the Profile Name list, and then click OK.

Double-click the mailbox that contains the inbox rules that you want to delete.

Expand Root Container, and then expand Top of information Store.

Right-click Inbox, and then click Open Associated Contents Table

In the Microsoft Exchange server MAPI Editor window, locate and check for the items that have the IPM.Rule.Message

Note: Outlook should be in Online mode to use MFCMAPI. If you see IPM Subtree instead of Top of information Store, Outlook Cache mode is enabled. Disable Outlook Cache mode before you use MFCMapi.

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Outlook Troubleshooting:


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